Our Story

Wellness is our goal!

Hot Yoga Wellness studios are Wellness Centres and also “body temperature” Yoga Studios. Our goal is to improve your physical well-being as well as to lower your stress levels. We dedicate ourselves to bringing wellness to everyone who comes to our studio/wellness centres.

Whether you are seeking to simply balance your mind, body and soul through the practice of Hot Yoga or you seek treatment by one of our health practitioners, we are there for you! All of us are accredited, certified practitioners and generally specialize in our chosen field. You may be in need of acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine or you simply need a massage.

All Hot Yoga Wellness Studios offer a number of classes per week of Hot Yoga. Check the Hot Yoga Wellness Studio closest to you to as to the availability of the following health modalities:

  • Osteopathy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • Pain Management
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • nutrition consultation
  • Pilates
  • acupuncture
  • reflexology
  • massage
  • tai-chi
  • health qigong

Better health through the practice of yoga in an infra-red healing environment. The Hot Yoga Wellness Yoga Series uses yoga postures performed in a proper sequential manner in an infra-red heated room.

You will feel the cardio workout along with an increase in core strength and overall toning. Hot yoga allows you to stretch safely and to detoxify through sweat. The temperature is maintained just above 98.6 F and is guaranteed to make you sweat in order to release built-up toxins in your body. Also the heat acts as a “warm-up” that allows you to stretch and twist to make yourself more limber and, in general, to increase your flexibility. Your stress levels will plummet simply because you will be concentrating only on your body and listening to the precise instructions given by our qualified instructors.

Think about it, there is probably no other time that you have an hour or more completely to yourself without any outside interruptions. Every muscle, organ and gland in your body is targeted and you will feel ‘lighter’ after your class. You will find that the Hot Yoga Studio experience is simply wonderful. The studio is quiet with the instructor guiding you to achieve your potential but you are the boss. You work yourself as hard as you want to and at the same time there are virtually no distractions. You focus on you! Why you should do Body Temperature Yoga – click HERE

If you are a member at Concord or Kennedy Hot Yoga Wellness studio then you can use your membership plan at either studio. Please arrange this with reception.

All we ask is that you purchase your Hot Yoga Wellness membership plan at the regular (non-sale) price at the studio that you will use the most.