About Us

Our goal at Hot Yoga Wellness is to improve your physical well-being as well as to lower your stress levels. We dedicate ourselves to bringing wellness to everyone who comes to our studios.

Whether you are seeking to simply balance your mind, body and soul through the practice of Hot Yoga or you seek treatment by one of our health practitioners, we are there for you! All of us are accredited, certified practitioners and generally specialize in our chosen field. You may be in need of acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine or you simply need a massage.

The majority of our classes are practiced in a infra-red heated room, that is set to body temperature, so our students can receive the therapeutic, detoxifying benefits without the dangers of excessive heat. Our hot yoga classes integrate various styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Fitness, Power, and Yin.
Aerial yoga, kids yoga, and pre/post-natal classes are some of the classes offered in non-heated rooms.