Foundation Flow

Great for beginners and all levels, the foundation flow series of asanas is a specifically designed yoga flow class for the heated room -giving you a full body work out, stretching and strengthening all the major muscle groups. The flow is combined with pranayama (breathing) practice and provides a great work out, while relaxing your mind, opening your heart and detoxifying your body.

Mixed Flow

Combining different styles of yoga in one class.  A well-rounded hatha practice including vinyasa, yin and core strengthening.

Mixed Yin 

Combining Hatha Yoga postures that work the major yang muscles of our body with Yin postures that work our joints and connective tissues. You will do a well-rounded full body workout of both the major muscles and joints of your body.

Yoga Fitness

Join a more athletic class, challenge your body by focusing on alignment and balance.  Learn to link movements with breath while improving endurance of the entire body.  Advance your yoga practice in this class while focusing on the core and all the major muscle groups.  In this class you will become more bodily aware and relaxed.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. This class is diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy and in general is a vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga.

Hot Core

A full hour of postures focusing on core strength. Tone all the muscles throughout the abdominal and deep inner core. Postures to build and tone your core muscles, but mixed into the series will be postures to help strengthen your back, legs and arms as well. The focus will be on the core, but it will also be a great all-over body workout. Suitable for intermediate or advanced students.

Core Booty

A class that specifically works on strengthening the core muscles and the glutes. Fusion of fitness and yoga to tone, sculpt and strengthen your body.

Aerial Yoga

You will find an increase in strength, improved flexibility, lengthening of your spine and your core will love you. Aerial Yoga combines acrobatic arts with anti-gravity yoga! Using soft, flowing yet extremely strong hammock style ‘silks’ suspended from the ceiling, you will reap many benefits including better alignment, possible pain relief, spinal decompression and elimination of the fear of falling. A wonderful yet challenging informal class focusing on overall body strength with special emphasis on upper body and core.