Yoga Teacher

Teacher Introduction

Meet Nancy

Nancy started her yoga journey in 2017 with teacher training program in Hot Yoga Wellness.
In the past three years, she had completed 200 hours Yoga teaching training, 500 hours
Advance TT, Yin Yoga and Barre Training.


During the journey of studying, practicing and teaching, the most benefit that she gained was a
greater balance, calm sense, being more focus, grounded and as well as more in tune with her
inner self. During her teacher training program and most her other physical activities, she has
learned that yoga can help boost immune system, stretch and strengthen body, balance her
mind and spirit. By practicing breathing technique, it can bring benefit to manage anxiety, stress,
to improve sleep quality and digestion system. She hopes she can inspire students coming to
step on mat to gain deeper understanding of their physical, mental and emotional world, and
step off mat with refreshed, nourished and balanced feeling in their both body and mind.