Yoga Teacher

Teacher Introduction

Meet Fidan

Yoga has been Fidan’s passion and a part of her life for a very long time. She has been practicing it for over 10 years and has been dreaming of taking the certification course for a few years now. Unfortunately due to her very busy schedule she wasn’t able to do it.


As funny as it sounds but now she is thanking COVID for allowing her some time to free herself and her mind from the constant running around, for allowing her to pause, to breathe and for giving her this amazing opportunity to take and successfully complete the 200hrs RYT course at the Hot Yoga Wellness!
Fidan says, that Yoga is something that keeps her balanced, relaxed and brings more inner peace into her life! Fidan is a very active person by nature and yoga helps her to ground herself and to calm down her busy mind. It helped Fidan mentally a lot through the difficult COVID times and now her goal is to help others to gain their inner peace and find their inner balance through yoga and meditation, especially during these strange times!