Yoga Teacher

Teacher Introduction

Meet Nada

Nada started doing yoga because she worked in a very stressful environment at a law firm. She would attend classes during her lunch break and it made a world of difference. Nada felt amazing & calm and was able to deal with whatever came at her. 


She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, six years at hot yoga wellness. Nada became a yoga teacher because it’s something she always wanted to accomplish for herself. 


Nada also suffered from anxiety and yoga was really the only thing that helped her. Once the pandemic hit her anxiety escalated and she needed to control that somehow. Nada admits she can be a control freak, but yoga made everything better for her. Her eldest daughter also suffered from anxiety during COVID so Nada  wanted to help her through this. She would do yoga with her kids and that calmed them and made them feel better. Nada really just wanted to help people feel better about themselves mentally and physically.


Nada joined hot yoga wellness because her sister introduced her to the studio. She knew Nada practiced yoga but rarely did it in a hot room so she tried it and instantly loved it.  Nada’s flexibility and practice improved in a hot room. Also, meeting Jacob helped Nada to stay and call Hot Yoga Wellness Concord home.