Yoga Teacher

Teacher Introduction

Meet Jessica

We all have very busy lives, which is why Jessica believes it is especially  important to take time for oneself, to nourish the soul, and to take care of overall well-being.

For Jessica, yoga is her sanctuary. As much as she loves the physical challenge of asana practice, the mental benefits of yoga is what brings her back to her mat. She believes that yoga provides an opportunity to practice self love and discipline, while nourishing the soul. This is why she encourages students  to focus on being present, as well as being aware of their own bodies, their movements, and their progress. With such awareness she puts emphasis on proper alignment, on pranayama breathing techniques and on pushing just a little further each time, so that students feel the joy of achievement and progress. It is Jessica’s wish for students to leave her classes feeling refreshed, strengthened, clear minded and sweaty!