Jen Petra

Jen Petra

Yoga Teacher

Teacher Introduction

Meet Jen

Jen was first introduced to hot yoga through a friend over 15 years ago and while it was extremely intense, it became the go to exercise for her after repeated strains from other forms of exercise. Yoga is gentle on the body and so nourishing for the mind. She leads a pretty busy lifestyle and yoga gives her the time to slow things down. Jen believes that the stars align when they need to and when her cousin strongly nudged her to take the training amidst the uncertainties of covid, she was so grateful for it. The mix of covid and new learning of the practice of yoga really helped her feel connected during those times.

She now uses all that she has learned in her classes and also with her students in her role as guidance counselor and it is extremely beneficial. Jen always preaches the benefits of this beautiful practice and when people do give it a go, they are never disappointed.