2019 International Health Qigong Day

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This September marks an exciting thirteen year commemorative milestone for Hot Yoga Wellness (HYW) which officially opened its doors in September of 2006. HYW philosophy has been committed to blending the health cultures of two ancient eastern civilizations of China and India sharing in its wisdom and practice in Canada, representative by HYW’s motto of “East Meets East in the West”.
Thirteen years ago, founder of HYW, Ms. Sujun Chen, introduced Chinese Health Qigong to Toronto for the first time and created a blended practice she calls “Qigong Yoga’’. Made official in 2015 with the Director of National Fitness Administration’s Health Qigong Center(NFAHQC) as a member of the International Air Force Propaganda Committee. This integrative approach shares in her motto, combining both eastern physical exercises that use the breath and channel energy movement throughout the body.The Director of the NFAHQC and the HYW team are committed to promoting health through a Chinese holistic lens in Canada, with an overall purpose of promoting physical and mental health through mind, body and soul alignment. With this vision, HYW continues to grow and develop with vigorous passion into other areas of wellness, having received positive support through outreach, volunteerism and from a wide range of students in various ethnic communities.
HYW has always insisted on “walking into the community”, going grassroots style and voluntarily sharing  Qigong Yoga to members and organizations open to integrating this combined ancient practice for healthier and happier living. As a way to express gratitude and share the love for Qi Gong and to celebrate International Health Qigong Day taking place on September 14, we are honoured to announce a number of Qi Gong related activities available to all interested parties in Canada and China from September until December 2019. HYW will continue their goal of promoting Health Qi Gong through their “Please Come In” project, a free Health Qi Gong teacher training for non-profit organizations. This special project led by Sujun, will offer monthly training and daily practices to benefit more people, to share the Chinese culture with people from all walks of life. Specifically on September 14th, on International Health Qigong Day, the Hot Yoga Wellness Kennedy Studio will be leading an interactive Qi Gong practice called “Going into the Five Animals”, wherein there will be a show, training to the public, we practice together, learn together, and teach together.

Non-profit organizations can send one person for free after being approved
Contact: 416-202-3339 or 647-616-1251