On September 11 at 7PM Awakening with QiGong, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing

Raise your vibrations, connect to your sacred body and the collective consciousness through breathing techniques, gentle stretches, Medical and Health Qigong movements and meditations through the class.
We will have brief discussions about awakening, spirituality, intuition and healing. At the end, we will have an optional closing tea ceremony (depends if arranged by the facility) and energy share.
All levels are welcome!
You can bring your own mat and cushion or use a mat provided by the studio.
There is plenty of parking in the front of the Hot Yoga Wellness Kennedy studio.


Physical Benefits Of Qigong Practice
Qigong practice makes the body strong and supple. It improves balance, stamina and flexibility. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, immune and central nervous systems. It tends to create smooth skin, and a pleasant feeling of deep warmth within the body. It increases sexual vitality, and allows our sleep-time to be more deep and restorative. Over time, Qigong practice can reduce or eliminate chronic pain. It also has the power to reverse the aging process, and restore youthfulness.

Emotional Benefits
The smooth and balanced flow of Qi created by Qigong practice shows itself as a joyful, relaxed, optimistic and energized state of mind. While the emotional energies of anger, fear, anxiety or grief still may arise, they will be much less “sticky” – and be held and then dissolved within the larger field of joy, gratitude, acceptance and equanimity.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits Of Qigong
The abundance of clarified energy and mental stillness generated by Qigong practice supports great mental clarity, and nourishes both intuition and creativity. As our intelligence becomes rooted in a connection to the inner body, it widens and deepens in increasingly wonderful ways.

As we deepen in our Qigong practice, our spiritual channels – such as the third-eye – gradually open. We become aware of more subtle realms of Being, and begin to experience, directly, our interconnectedness with All-That-Is.