JULY FREE Singing Bowls + Hypnosis


We were very happy to see familiar and new faces at our first open Singing Bowls Therapy Session! The feedback and experience was amazing and we are looking to open more sessions for the month of July. If you are not already familiar with singing bowls, we welcome you to join in this unique experience and find out first hand how singing bowls resonate with you.

Singing bowls therapy uses rich deep tones that look to harmonize the cells and promote restoring the body’s energy system through generating vibrations and balancing frequencies. Your mind telling you that something needs to change?  Singing bowls promotes relaxation and offers powerful remedy properties by alleviating stress  tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, stomach disorders, high blood pressure,  balancing the body’s energy system and an array of other health related issues.

All are welcome !

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