Welcome to your Hot Yoga Wellness Studio!

Studios are open everyday!.

Common Sense:
 stay home if you are feeling unwell.
Arrival: Always arrive at the studios early.
Rentals: Mat and towel rentals are available. If needed then bring straps,
blocks and towels. We always sell water and yoga mats.
Physical spacing: The hot room has markers indicating where students should be placing their mats so everyone has a view of the mirror.
Breathing: We recommend students to focus on mind-body-breath connection.
Showers: Showers:do quick 2minute showers so others have hot water. Please leave the shower clean. Do clean up any mess such as your hair on the floor, etc. .
Capacity: There may be limited spots available in the class so do BOOK your spot.
Cleaning: Spray bottles are available –   if you so desire then you can spray any surface or handles prior and after touching same.

Thank you and we are delighted that you are proactive in helping the world going back to normal.

Hot Yoga Wellness Team