Covid-19 Safety Measures

Hello Yogis,

Hot Yoga Wellness will be re-opening their Concord location on Sunday July 26th, 2020. Kennedy location will remain closed until further notice.

To protect the well-being of our community, we will be implementing safety measures at the studio, including:

  • Stay Home: DO NOT come to the studio and stay home if you are feeling unwell or experiencing cold symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and other symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and loss of sense of smell or taste. If you have traveled abroad within the past 14 days, please DO NOT come to the studio and self-isolate at home.
  • Masks: Mandatory wearing of masks inside the studio, until you arrive at your mats in the studio room. Except children under 5, those with medical conditions, and those with difficulty breathing.
  • Hand hygiene: Students will be asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival and they will be given a spray bottle containing Benefect to use for sanitizing hard surfaces they touch while inside the studio.
  • Book & Pay Online: We encourage students to pre-book their spaces online/by phone/ by email and pay online if possible. We have moved to a new system called Wellnessliving which allows for easier booking online. If you have questions about the system, please contact us.
  • Arrival: Please arrive at the studio no more than 10 minutes early. We will not be opening the doors any earlier than 10 minutes. Wait outside, physically distant from other students who visit the studio.
  • Rentals: Mat, props and towel rentals are temporarily closed. Please bring your own mats, straps, blocks and towels. We will be selling water and yoga mats if you wish to purchase when visiting.
  • Limited Capacity: There will be 16 spots available per class for regular Hot Yoga classes. For kids yoga, there will only be 6 spots available.
  • Physical spacing: the hot room has markers indicating where students should be placing their mats to ensure they are spaced at least 2 meters apart. Since teachers will be talking, there will be extra spacing on both sides (4 meters) to create distance from students.
  • Breathing: Breathing will only be done through the nose. Pranayama practices that includes breathing out the mouth – e.g. breath of fire – will not be included. We recommend students to focus on mind-body-breath connection and only work at a maximum of 80%.
  • Showers: Showers will be closed and students will be requested to shower when they get home.

We appreciate your cooperation on your part.

Thank you and we are truly grateful to be welcoming you back into our studio.

Hot Yoga Wellness Team