Hypnosis Singing Bowl Yoga Nidra


Hypnosis Singing Bowl Yoga Nidra Therapy Session
Thursday August 15

Come with friends, family or come alone. Meet like minded individuals while we learn about the benefits of sound therapy through a unique and transformational experience using all the senses.

Used for centuries in the East, singing bowls have been used as a natural way to restore mental and physical blocks.  We’re really excited to be offering a 2 hour Free Singing Bowls session.

Singing bowls therapy uses rich deep tones that look to harmonize the cells and promote restoring the body’s energy system through generating vibrations and balancing frequencies. Your mind telling you that something needs to change?  Singing bowls promotes relaxation and offers powerful remedy properties by alleviating stress  tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, stomach disorders, high blood pressure,  balancing the body’s energy system and an array of other health related issues.

All are welcome !